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Let Us to Give You 24 Hours Free Electricity

About Kabul Solar

Kabul Solar is a newly incorporated company, established in January 2016 which has been formed to foster the SME Sector, our aim is to generate energy for the future. Solar power remains the most secure source of energy for the future. We set global standards in achieving this goal.

KABUL SOLAR has worked closely and has been able to build strong trading relationships with businesses, supplier & manufacturers, includes:

  • AE solar cell & solar module manufacturer (Germany Brand)
  • Exide industries the largest battery manufacturer in (INDIA‚Äôs largest battery manufacturer)
  • MICROTEK the largest UPS, Inverter & water purifier manufacturer (INDIA)
  • Voltronic Power (Taiwanese Brand)

Kabul Solar Objective

  • Creating job opportunities for the people in the communities it operates
  • Contribute in development by creating wealth and improve the well-being of the community by offering quality products
  • Impose the initiative of ploughing back resources to the community
  • Foster a vibrant economic atmosphere by being one of the leading organizations in the provision of excellent services
  • Offer opportunities to previously disadvantages individuals – to make a meaningful contribution and be empowered as such in the economic development process